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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I just finished the Chronological Bible from last year. (Right on time.) I was only a few weeks behind at the end of the year, but I had to put it down for a while because the pace was pretty grueling.
One final question, I wonder why God has all this destruction of the earth. Why not just flash and then judgement? Maybe it's validation for us?
And one final thought, in Revelation the woman with the beast as gotten the world drunk with her adulteries, and then in the New Jerusalem Jesus offer us to drink from the river of life. Sort of a parallel of what you can drink. Heaven sounds peaceful, everything we need, but not a pleasure fest. I guess ask yourself what you really want.

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Chrono Chronicles

For some years now I've been reading the bible cover to cover but in a different translation each year.

I joined The Chrono group in NY cuz I thought it would be cool to do this with other disciples.
Early in 2009 I fell behind about 2 months worth in my reading.
I was told that it would be impossible to catch up by the end of the year.
So Justin and I made a bet that if I finished the chrono by the end of the year that he would treat me to a lunch worth at least $20.00. If I loss I would treat him.
The following month I came to him and let him know that I not only caught up but was 3 weeks ahead! Something I didn't think I could accomplish in a months time but I prayed and had faith as God showed me that it was possible.

Towards the end of 2009 I really really fell behind like at least 4 months! No matter how much I tried the days were piling up! I would fall asleep etc and just kept seriously falling behind.
I would calculate how much reading I would have to do per day. At first it went from 20 something to finally 84 pages a day that I had to read.
I'm not particularly a fast reader so this presented a problem.
At this point I had less than a week before New Years day :(
I truly felt like giving up and accepting defeat. I was saddened especially since I gave my word that I would finish on time. More than a $20.00 lunch was at stake.
I wanted to prove that it was possible for anyone not just me to finish in time no matter how behind they got.
I also needed to be realistic...
Then the moment hit when I got on my knees and prayed like crazy to finish before the ball dropped. I knew at least for me that reading about 3-4 months worth of reading in 4 days was impossible! I prayed more and more and dedicated myself to reading about 5-7 hours a day. I even decided that if I wasn't done I would skip a New Years Eve party in order to fulfill my commitment to God.
Well believe it or not w Gods help I did it and actually got alot out of my reading. I was done reading all the scriptures by december 30th and some commentaries by the 31st. I even went to the New Years Eve party.
It was God he gave me hunger for his word and a determination not to give up. This may sound like a silly victory but im grateful To him be the glory I mean that sincerely from the heart :)

This year Im reading "The Word on the street" bible, The Manga bible, Illustrated cartoon bible and a childrens bible. These all are much shorter versions but it should make for some fun reading.

Ps if u didn't finish on time I share this only to show that with God we can do it! A few years back I took 1year and a 1/2 to finish the message bible.

With Love, Liz

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Revelation 7 - 11

Revelation Chapter 7

144,000 from tribes of Israel receive seal on their foreheads.

Great multitude no one could count came out of the great tribulation.

I looked up tribulation in my Bible dictionary.
Tribulation is suffering and anguish of God's people.
It is participation in the suffering of Christ.
It transforms followers to be Chritlike.
It helps God's people comfort and encourage others going through similar circumstances.

Never again will they hunger, never again will they be thirsty.
The Lamb will lead them to springs of living water.
And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes.

Revelation Chapter 8

First 6 seal where opened in Revelation 6, the 7th seal is opened in Rev 8.
There was silence for half an hour. An angel hurled a censer on the earth.

Then the seven angels with trumpets started to sound them.
A third of the earth was burned up. A third of the sea turned to blood.
A third of the creatures of the sea died. A third of the ships were destroyed.
A third of the water turned bitter. Sun, moon, and stars were stuck.
A third of the day and a third of the night was without light.

Revelation Chapter 9

The fifth angel sound his trumpet.
The Abyss opened and locust came out of the smoke from the Abyss.
They tortured but did not kill people who did not have seal of God on their foreheads.

The sixth angel sound his trumpet.
4 angels released to kill a third of mankind by 3 plagues.
The rest of mankind did not repent.

Revelation Chapter 10

Another mighty angel came down from heaven.
John had to seal up what was said and not write it down.
In the days when the 7th angel is about to sound his trumpet,
the mystery of God will be accomplished.
John ate the scroll the angel had.

Revelation Chapter 11

2 powerful witness prophhesy for 1260 days.
When they have finished their testimony they will be killed by beast from Abyss.
After 3 and a half days a breath of life from God entered them.

The seventh angel sounded his trumpet.
"The kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of the our Lord and of his Christ,
and he will reign for ever and ever.

24 elders worshipped God.

God's temple in heaven was opened up, ark of covenant was seen inside temple.
There came lightning, rumblings, thunder, an earthquake, and a hailstorm.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Chrono Bible 2009

It was been a great year reading the bible and talking on this blog with all of you. I'm so glad so many of you decided to do this and got something out of it. Everyone had great posts and thoughts. Great job to all the folks who have finished on time. I know of one out here. I've got about a month left to go.

Honestly, for me it was tougher this year then the last time I did it. The reason I wanted to do it though was to give. I didn't want to give in all the normal methods of serving, I wanted to give with who I am. I also really hoped that by getting people to read the entire bible we could raise our bible knowledge. There is so much in the bible we never discuss or even realize. It feels like there is an ocean of knowledge of God that we were neglecting.

I have to thank Tera for putting the group and the blog together. I mentioned the idea to her, but since I had just moved I wasn't going to do it. She thought it was a great idea and put somethings together in the OC. She did the hard work and we wouldn't have done it without her.

I'm really going to miss this blog alot. I've really enjoyed it and now it's ending. Thank you for posting your thoughts, questions and points. Thank you for reading my posts or at least being encouraging about them. I'm sad its over. It's been a long year, seems like ages ago we started. I hope it has helped you see more of God, helped you stay consistent in reading your bible or taught you something. It's also not too late to tell your friends to try to do it this year. I will definitely be taking a break from finishing the bible in a year after I finish the last of my Chrono reading. I need to read somethings that engage my heart more. Love you gals and guys, and I'm so proud of everyone who read and finished.


A King and A Kingdom, Part 3

This will be my last true post because I doubt anyone will continue to read or post, there's anyone still out there. Alright here is my conclusion to A King and A Kingdom. If you want to read the previous two, here are the links:

There are different names for God's people throughout the bible. Very early they don't have a name for them, but there is a separation between the righteous and the wicked. Then there are Abraham and his sons. After Jacob they are called the Israelites. While in Egypt they are called Hebrews. During the kings, they are in Israel and Judah depending on where they lived. After they return from the exile, they are called Jews. In the NT, there are the disciples of Jesus, and later they are called Christians.

Now whatever type of king you have tells you what type of kingdom you have (or maybe vice versa). So when David was king, what did you have to do to be in his kingdom? You had to be an Israelite. Part of being an Israelite was being born one, but also you had to be righteous. David's, and all the kings' kingdoms were earthly and physical. However Jesus says his kingdom is not of this world.

From Nov. 17, "Pilate then went back inside the palace and summoned Jesus and asked him, "Are you the king of the Jews?"... "Jesus said, "My kingdom is not of this world. If it were, my servants would fight to prevent my arrest by the Jews. But now my kingdom is from another place." "You are a king then!" Jesus answered, "You are right in saying I am a king. In fact, for this reason I was born, and for this I came into the world, to testify to the truth. Everyone on the side of the truth listens to me."

So Jesus is a king and his kingdom is not here, but many of the Jews had a hard time with this. (That's an understatement considering they crucified him.)

From Nov. 18, "Pilate had a notice prepared and fastened to the cross. It read: Jesus of Nazareth, The King of the Jews. Many of the Jews read this sign...The chief priests of the Jews protested to Pilate, "Do not write 'The King of the Jews,' but that this man claimed to be the king of the Jews." Pilate answered, "What I have written, I have written."

The Jews had a hard time with Jesus being their king because he wasn't like David. How could their king, who would save them be killed like that? They didn't have a country to their own again.

A third of the OT, is after the temple is built, and David did an honorable thing in planning this to honor God. However, God didn't tell him to build it like God told Moses to build the Tabernacle. God did approve it. I wonder if that says something about how we should live by the spirit now. Where God doesn't whisper things in our ear, but by being in tune with our hearts and the Spirit we go and create and do things for God. Or maybe building the temple wasn't part of God's overall plan. During the time of all the prophets, the temple is destroyed and rebuilt, and it seems they are always trying to get the temple back to that original state and those good ole times with King David. However, even having a king wasn't part of God's plan. There are instructions about what do with a king in the Law, but when the people first wanted a king, they were rejecting God. So even trying to get back to those times with David, wasn't really how it was supposed to be.

This is where Jesus comes in. If David's kingdom was physical, and you had to be born into it and righteous, then Jesus kingdom is not of this world, and like he says, anyone who loves the truth or does what is right is in his kingdom. The kingdom can explode now. Anyone who does what is right can be in the kingdom. It means the physical world doesn't matter any more. This is hard to deal with seeing as we are still living here. It also means we are in the kingdom right now that we will continue to be in it when we are in heaven. It think most of us already understood this, but I like connecting all these dots with the kings.

I can relate to the Jews. The first time reading through the Chrono, I saw they were trying to return to the days of David, with getting a good king, the people obeying the law, and the temple restored. Then Jesus comes along. He doesn't rule or battle and he is killed. It's so different, but they were off target for so long. It makes sense now, seeing the big picture and Jesus Kingdom is so much greater. It can span years, any type of people, and be in any place. And to go back to the definition of a good king, he is someone who serves others not having other serve him. Jesus is that definition.

This to me is the story of the Bible and what I got out of reading the Chronological Bible. I think it's God's story. If we go one step further, the Bible is about God and his people, A King and A Kingdom.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Revelation 4 - 6

Revelation 4

John saw a throne in heaven surrounded by 24 other thrones.
There where 4 creatures praising the Lord God Almighty.
There where 24 elders worshipping God.

Revelation 5

Scroll with 7 seals only Jesus can open. Jesus is the Lion and the Lamb.
24 Elders praised Jesus.
Many angels praised Jesus.
Every creature in heaven and on earth praised Jesus.

Revelation 6
First seal is opened by the Lamb. A rider on a white horse rode out as a conqueror.
Second seal opened: A fiery red horse came out. Its rider given power to take peace from the earth.
Third seal opened: A black horse came out. Its rider holding a scale.
This section talks about excessive prices for wheat and barley. (Seems to indicate famine)
Fourth seal opened: A pale horse came out. Its rider named Death, and Hades.
Fifth seal opened: John saw the souls of those who had been slayed because of the word of God.
They need to wait a little longer for Jesus to judge the earth and avenge their blood.
Sixth seal opened: There was a great eathquake. Sun turned black. Moon turned red.
Stars fell to earth. Mountains and islands removed from their place.
People hid in caves and rocks. "Fall on us..." they want to hide from the Lamb's wrath.

The seventh seal is opened later, in chapter 8 of Revelation.

Revelation 1 - 3

I read through these first in Chronological Bible, then in my Archeological Study Bible that has words of Jesus in red. I underlined some scriptures and made some notes:

Revelation 1

Lots of 7's
7 stands for completeness
7 churches, 7 spirits
7 golden lampstands, which are the 7 churches
7 stars, which are the 7 angels of the 7 churches

Revelation 2

Church in Ephesus:
Had forsaken it's first love, need to repent & overcome.
Will then receive right to eat from tree of life in paradise.

Church in Smyrna:
Be faithful even to the point of death, will get the crown of life.

Church in Pergamum;
Have remained true and faithful, but some need to repent.
Those that overcome will receive hidden manna.

Church in Thyatira:
Those who do Jesus' will to the end will be given authority over the nations.

Revelation 3

Church in Sardis:
Remember what you have received and heard, obey it, and repent.
Those who overcome will never be blotted out from the book of life.
Jesus will acknowledge their names before God and his angels.

Church in Philadelphia:
Jesus has placed before them an open door that no one can shut.
Even though they have little strength, they have kept Jesus word and have not denied his name.
Those who overcome will be made pillars in temple of God.

Church in Laodicea:
Those whom Jesus loves he rebukes and disciplines. So be earnest and repent.
To those who overcome, Jesus will give the right to sit with him on his throne.

Lots of overcoming and repenting mentioned in these chapters.
Need to persevere and turn from sin & change.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

my last post for Chrono 2009

Hi Chrono Peeps,

This year def seemed to go by way too fast but at the same time, seemed the longest year for me. Chrono was interesting huh? As I am typing this my mind is flooded with memories; the excitement at the beginning of the year, the first chrono meeting, staying up late to blog, reading so many great thots written by old and new acquaintances, the numerous breakfasts at knollwood, the camping trip, the hope and discouragement, all the stories we have read--Adam and Eve, Abraham, Joseph, David, Jeremiah, Job, Peter, Paul, JESUS--the heartache and victories... WOW.

Thank you for being part of Chrono 2009!


(I also like that the video is scrolling credits to indicate the end of the movie, which is appropriate for the end of our Chrono adventure hehe)

The last verse from today's reading: Praise our God, all you His servants, you who fear Him, both small and great. Rev 19:5