Saturday, January 10, 2009

Adam and Eve - The Fall

Hey guys. I posted this on the NYC facebook discussion board awhile back and have only now just had a chance to copy and paste it here. Just pretend you're on day 1-3.

I have been studying out the bible on the role of men and women and how each gender reflects the image of God differently. Recently I have been reading and studying out the curse resulting from Adam and Eve's sin & its resulting effect the genders for all ages to come. The punishment God cleverly chose for their individual sins are specifically different and relates to the root cause of Adam and Eve's core sin of their hearts. Adam's sin was lack of Love for Eve and Eve's sin was lack of respect for Adam's role as the leader. Sound like a familiar struggle to any of you. Eve would now desire to control her husband as sin desired to have Cain. God used the same word desire in both instances. She and all women would always want to have ungodly control over the relationship. Adam would rule over Eve in an ungodly and dominant way and woud resist her. His rule would now be contentious. God's original plan was for both to be equal in value but that Adam would bear the role of leadership and overall higher responsibility for Eve. Originally, both would work together and Eve would be his Helper -translated a Strong Warrior Helper and also the same word used for God himself when he said he was Israel's helper. Adam was supposed to lead with love and respect but would now rule and man would dominate and sin against woman in a way never intended.But... the curse laid upon each gender already had the elixir solution in God's plan of salvation with Jesus' blood as prophecied by God Himself when cursing the snake. In order for each gender to overcome their curse, they would have to look to God to learn how to master their core sin and be restored to a mature understanding of right and wrong through repentence.There are several books i have been reading: Wild at Heart, Captivating, The New Eve, Love and Respect. all great eye openers to the opposite gender and God's design. Has anyone else read the last two books? lemmie know. I plan to start book discussion club on biblical Gender Topics. Im gonna call it Gender Role Specifics 101. heehee


Tera Chau said...

wow great thoughts (and iv only read the first 2 books) good luck with the discussion group :)

Justin said...

Thanks for reposting this. Good thoughts.

Lisa Battig said...

Hi Inga - I've been studying out the role of the female (specifically single females) quite a bit for the last several years. I would love to join your book discussion. Keep me posted! Lisa B (