Monday, January 19, 2009

His name..?

I wonder why when God spoke to Isreal in the vision he called out the name Jacob instead of Isreal (Gen 46:1-4)? Anyone have any thoughts, perspective?


Justin said...

Good question/observation Wu Wu. Maybe Jacob was his name, but Israel is the nation that was being started. Everyone descending from will become an Israelite. Later it's repeated, "the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob."

Also, Lisa made a comment about Isaac a while back. Abram becomes Abraham and Jacob becomes Israel, but Isaac stays the same. What's up with that? Did he stay the child of promise and not really become a 'father?'

Lisa Battig said...

Hey Wu-Ti... to add to what Justin said, "Jacob" means supplanter and "Israel" means "contends (wrestles) with God" - maybe at that point in his life, God was calling him as the supplanter rather than the contender (haha, like Rocky!) Not sure, but kind of how when you're feeling particularly sappy and emotional you might call your mom "Mommy"...