Thursday, January 8, 2009

Human understanding of right and wrong.

Something that I noticed when reading about Abraham and his deceit towards Abimelech and the Pharaoh of Egypt is just the general understanding that people had of what was sin and what was not. Way before God establishes his commandments through Moses, some people already had a certain reverance toward him. For instance, both the Pharaoh and Abimelech want to clear themselves before God once they found out that Sarah was Abraham's wife. Yes it is true that God did send affliction on them to motivate them to let her go, yet still, there was a understanding that something was wrong and this thing was sin. I just think that it is significant because even though individuals may not know fully what God considers right or wrong, I think there is this inner sense that all human beings possess that helps them to see what is. Perhaps this is just the conscience that I am speaking of. I just think it is cool. All the best to you guys. Farewell til next! - Donette


Mitchel Thomas Gonzalez said...

Yes!!! We all have been born with some form of "common sense" some may have more then others. But for the most part we have a universal understanding of right and wrong. Of course we are generally affected by our surroundings to influence us. I’m a firm believer that the most influential people in our lives will usually determine the level of common sense or moralistic idealism we process. That is why I believe it is so crucial to a disciple’s faith, that we are actively surrounding ourselves with other faithful disciples of Jesus.

The OC is trying to get back to foundational relationships. It's now being called a "prayer partner" some might now it as a discipleship partner or an accountability partner or a (dear I say it) a discipler. We need these one another relationships to help remind us who we are and where we want to end up (in heaven).

From 7am to 5pm Mon-Fri I’m spending my time with non-disciples at work, which allows 10hrs a day, 50hrs a week for Satan to get in there and discourage my faith. But it’s amazing what happens when I spend a couple hours a week with other disciples. Light does overcome the darkness. My spiritual sense kicks in because I’m allowing spiritually lead positive influences in my life to remind me what right and wrong really do look like.

Justin said...
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Green Hobbit said...

This is great guys! Sincere friendships are so important.I think maybe too that God wants us to have that balance where we surround ourselves with good friends and at the same time remember the inner friend we have-which is His spirit speaking to us. Later.

Inga Gerard said...

Relationships are so important to God. He is a relational Being and created us as relational beings. We were meant to exist in relationships with one another before and after the Fall of Man. He created us in His image as complements to one another- meaning- we are incomplete when we stand isolated or alone. When Christ stood alone on the cross, it was ultimately his intimate relationship with God and His love for the people of this world that compelled him to succeed for our benefit. Grab as many close relationships as you can and hold tight to them with the lessons learned from the Word planted in your hearts.