Thursday, January 15, 2009

Imperfect People

Sheesh, lots of character flaws in God's people. For a long time I think I only liked Jesus and Enoch; Jesus because He was perfect and Enoch because there is so little info on him that he seemed perfect too hehe. Now of course I've grown to love David and other characters because of books and stuff. But perhaps I should not read the bible as a fairy tale full of perfect people, but a story of a perfect God and His unfathomable love for His imperfect kids.

My question: How is it that some people in the OT were able to pray to God if Jesus was not around yet? Also, Lisa N. and I were wondering why Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and other people were able to "bless" people so powerfully, was the blessing sort of like a prayer too?


Justin said...

Great insights Tera. Its a good way to see things. That God loves us imperfect people. that mixes the good and the bad. Anyone's blessings and curses are powerful. Does God say he will punish people to the 4th or 5th generation? You can effect your grandkids with a blessing.

Lisa Nguyen said...

Very good insight Tera! The bible definitely gives me hope to read and see how God did listen to them and work through their imperfections. Through all the deceit, among other things, he was still present and even more so, BLESSED them. What an amazing God we have.

Inga Gerard said...

i think those guys had the ability to bless as part of their function of also prophesying about the future. God had talked directly to them and had been in their presence just as Moses had. God gave them instructions and often reassured them of the future. Maybe the blessings were prophecies?

Laura Bonacker said...

I really like what you said about not reading the bible as a "fairy tale full of perfect people." I love fairy tales. And I think that when I have read Genesis and other books in the past, I was unable to discern for myself the character flaws of God's people, because I did view it as sort of a fairy tale. I knew, of course, that for me to do those things are unthinkable (i.e. cheating my sibling out of their inheritance, etc). However, I looked to these people and the stories about these people as nothing but perfectly awesome. Although they are awesome, I have nevertheless learned (mostly through the insights of my brothers and sisters on this Chrono Blog) that it is important to evaluate carefully the exact nature of the occurrences in the Old Testament. I hope that this makes sense. AND... I hope thats the right perspective to have? Thanks, Tera.