Thursday, February 12, 2009

talking donkeys!!!

Yesterday was kinda funny with the talking donkey. Kinda reminded me of Shriek.

I thought that Balaam "the soothsayer" was an interesting dude. He was a performer of divination. Apparently he didn't know that the people who came out of Egypt where God fearing people as well. Which brings up a interesting point. Gods people at that time where in different location. Apparently all of God's people where not slaves in Egypt.

How did all the Jews end up in Egypt in the first place? And why wasn't Balaam there with them, in Numbers 24:14-25 it says that he's going back to be with his people

Any who, the talking donkey was funny


Tera Chau said...

haha I thought that talking donkey was funny too :)

I didn't understand why God was cool with Balaam going to Balak (Num 22:20) but then God became angry that Balaam went (Num 22:21) and even sent an angel to kill Balaam (Num 22:33)?

I don't think Balaam was part of "God's chosen people" because he wasn't Jacob's descendants but I'm not sure? Maybe someone on the blog can let us know?

Justin Seibel said...

I don't think he was an Israelite. Maybe he was still righteous, but I don't get that from what I read. He just seems to be a diviner which would deal with the spirit world, which is real, but not how God tells us to relate to him and his spirit.

Number says he was going to his people, but then refers to the Israelites as 'this people' thus not including himself.