Sunday, March 8, 2009

Health Regulations

Okay, in Leviticus 13 it talks about people suffering from different skin infections and how the priest should handle them.

When they are put in isolation for seven days, where do they go?

And what happens to the infection during those seven days? Does the priest give the infected person something to help the infection or do they just wait to see if it will go away?


AlliKat said...

It's interesting that God doesn't instruct on that matter.
So, what I am left to understand is that in those days of isolation what is the person left to do but pray to God?
And he would then heal them. Whether it be by revelation to put some saliva and dirt on it 8) or he would miraculously take it away.

My thoughts then lead me to why God might choose for a person to be effected by an illness if other than neglect on their part.
I think some times when we are faced with a physical challenge I do not rule out the option of God allowing it because we need to be re-focused and some times it takes just that(an illness) to slow us down and consider.

I am reminded of a group I heard of(don't remember their names) who do not believe in modern medicine and only go on their faith in God and His mercy to heal them. Some see them as crazy what do you think God thinks?

Tera Chau said...

Good questions; they prolly sent them outside the camp and the priests prolly used hyssop and other disinfectants, and prayed over them.

A sister (Lisa N.) and I thought it was sad (but kinda hilarious) that a bald man with an infectious skin disease had to "wear torn clothes, let his hair be unkempt, cover the lower part of his face and cry out 'unclean! unclean!'" (lev 13:45-46) haha awww pooooooor guy.