Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Law in the NT

We had a good discussion about 'turning the other cheek' tonight in Bible Talk.  Not to getting into the meaning of that scripture, but one sister mentioned what if I killed someone by accident.  Would I still be held accountable?  She also wished that God had been more clear about what would happen in specific situations.  I guess she was referring to the NT because as we've been reading the Law the last few days and sometimes God gets VERY specific about what is done in situations.  Sometimes he even gives direction about where to go if this happens to you.  So my question is this:  

Do you think OT scriptures like this apply also in the NT?  


Inga Gerard said...

Here's my Guess. God says that he does not change and is the same from everlasting to everlasting. Most of the jewish customs were still obeyed by the jewish Christians as long as they were in line with God's heart and not Man's tradition. However, Jesus did make some changes in his sermon on the mount about an eye for an eye and treatment of your enemies. Accidents, however, are not mentioned and are thus probably the same in terms of needing to have Godly sorrow, make restitution, if possible, to man and God, and apologize or run to flee death from unmerciful servants.

Edwin said...
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Edwin said...


Tera Chau said...

edwin, test?... wow that's deeeeep (haha jk)