Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Tribute to King David

Since we are studying out Psalms, I decided to google some photos of King David since I've never researched to see what he was portrayed to look like before. I always pictured him in my head to be this tall, muscular and very masculine man with sharp facial features....and of course over all, very handsome. =) Anyways, below are a few photos I found depicting King David during the different stages of his life.

How do youguys picture King David??

(The html is kinda screwy so bear with me.) =)

Michelangelo's 17ft marble statue that portrays King David at the moment he decided to go into battle with Goliath.

King David playing the Harp.

Tate Gallery, London.

A life size wooden carving of King David.

(I wonder how tall/big he is??)

Painted statue of King David from Upper Swabia, c.1460-70. Bode Museum, Berlin, Germany.

Statue of David (Michelangelo)


Tera Chau said...

Wow great pics Lis! :) I'd imagined David to have been handsome and strong looking (even handsomer than what Michelangelo had imagined hehe). I'd imagined David's face to exude strength and confidence, but also humility and kindness. And I'd imagined his harp to be a lot bigger... ya know like the huge gold kind that is usually on cartoons hehe.

Teena Phamster said...

Yes, very cool photos! Nice work Lisa. I didn't really think too much about King David's physical appearance. Though it is pretty interesting to imagine and now see. But you know what they say, people don't remember what you say, what you did....they just remember how you made them feel. When I think of King David...I feel hope, confidence, realness and a man with a deep love 4 God. He helps me connect w God on a deeper level.

Justin Seibel said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures Lisa. I have to say I'm not seeing the warrior or king side of David in them though. Maybe its just the style of art from those time periods. David was a warrior, he lead the army and was king. Hard for me to feel that from a stained glass window. Good job with the research though.