Saturday, May 2, 2009

Chrono thoughts and Psalm 68

So I hope everyone is enjoying reading this Bible in a year.  For the ones that have read the Bible before in the traditional ordering, what have you thought of the chronological ordering so far?  Easier or harder to understand?  Does anything stand out because of this ordering?

Also, I don't know about ya'll, but I can hear the different voices in the psalms.  David's definitely pop up as the most heartsy.  The psalms in the 90s from May 1 seem to be written by a man who has a strong sense of righteousness.  I could tell 68 was written by David, but it also seems to written by David when he was older.  When he was younger or being chased by Saul, many of the psalms where like "Help me God!"  or praising God.  I think the earlier psalms by David, David trusts in the goodness of God, but hasn't seen it yet.  In Psalm 68 he seems to have experienced God alot and knows how good he is.  "Show us your strength, O God, as you have done before."  He also mentions the temple, so unless that was a dream of David's from when he was younger, then David at least wrote this psalm after he had that idea or in the middle of his life.  Just wanted to share what I saw today.  


Lisa Nguyen said...


For a first time reader of the bible in chronological order in a yeeear (woohoo), I am loving it! When I first started digging into God's word, I was completely clueless when it came to the old testament. Not knowing when the story of each character in the bible occurred always confused me.(other than Genesis of course, hehe) Therefore, I was always a fan of the new testament, not old. I loved the new testament because of the direction and structure of the law that has been given to us through Jesus. However, nooow, I totally love the old testament. As I'm learning about all the different people/events that have taken place, I'm able to grow in my understanding of God's great and thought out will. It's awesome. I am definitely learning more than I have these past 2 yrs because of the Chrono Bible.

Justin Seibel said...

Wow Lisa! That's encouraging. I'm so glad you're getting more out of this. I think you'll have a fuller picture of God too because you'll understand the OT. That's so great. It's pretty much why I wanted to do this. Thank you very much for sharing that.