Sunday, May 24, 2009

Matthew Henry's Bible Commentary

Hey guys. I love the last post on patient man. Please read my comment on it and check out the book Matthew Henry's Commentaries. It is a treasure of information for deeper and accurate understanding of the Word with some exposition on the Greek origins of their meaning that may not translate as well in English. Church history has always involved some misuse of scriptures based on a lack of knowlegde as to what the scripture meant. Taking the time to really study out scriptures that seem to be saying something out of character for God or Jesus i.e. "forceful men" and "women being saved by childbirth" will help us be clear on God's heart and firm up our faith when the real meaning of these scriptures come to light through diligent and earnest seeking.

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Tera Chau said...

Ok I'll check out the book I love commentaries, thx for the suggestion Inga! :)