Sunday, May 3, 2009

May NYC Chrono Meeting, April: a month of David

Well we had a great meeting today. First off I must share some inspiring news for those of you who may be behind in the reading. At last month's meeting, I made a bet with a sister that she couldn't catch up from being 2 months behind to finish on time by the end of the year. Well, after one month, she is not only caught up, but is 2 weeks ahead! So I owe Liz a big lunch, and it goes to show you that even when you put your foot in your mouth and say something discouraging as a leader, God can still work. For those of you who maybe struggling with the reading you can catch up, it is possible to do this.

Liz also did the synopsis for the month of April and she called it the month of David. We really spent the entire month seeing him kill Goliath, anointed, chased by Saul, pour out his heart in psalms and become king. We spent most of our time talking about David and what it means to have a pure heart. David had a heart for God, but at the same time he did some terrible things. We talked about David's "emotional intelligence" and how he was connected to himself and God. We also discussed some of our favorite psalms. Kathie said that psalm 71 was written for her and Felicia really liked psalm 73. I really enjoyed reading psalm 119 today, but I wished I had taken some notes because I forgot which parts hit me.

We're also going to plan some sort of 6 month party as well, to celebrate the first half.

When we get to the NT, we could get new people to buy the book to join the group. Then next year they could read the rest of it. Maybe there could be a new group to do this for Chrono 2010, any takers on leading out there? You'll be gaining some treasure in heaven.

All together a great meeting.


Teena Phamster said...

Great job Liz!!! I knew you could do it!!! You are an outstanding example of perseverance, discipline and repentance. Thank you!

Your topics and questions seem to provoke great discussions! Good job NY Chrono group! You guys inspire me and totally rock!!!!!

Hey, it's never too late to start reading the bible. I hope ur half year Chrono project works out. Am sure God will bless it. :)

Mitchel Thomas Gonzalez said...

I just started to read Psalm 119, so i'm a day behind. Why is it so long?

Ken said...

to make the reading faster you might try just reading the odd verses... or skip the pronouns and adjectives.

Lisa Nguyen said...

Wow, GREAT JOB LIZ!! That is so inspiring! Make sure you get a good lunch from Justin! =)