Sunday, June 28, 2009

Reluctance to be king

One more thing I wanted to add from a while ago about being king.

"Augustine wept when he was made bishop of Hippo in North Africa...There is a cost the king pays, unknown and unmatched by any other man."

Why did he weep? Because it would take even more from him. It would require more sacrifice.

"You don't want to be king. Trust me. It is not something to be coveted. Only the ignorant covet a throne. Augustine didn't want the job because he knew what it would cost him, and he felt profound inadequacy for the task...The posture of the heart in a mature man is reluctance to take the throne, but willing to do it on behalf of others (231 Way of the Wild at Heart)."

You have to question the guy that wants to be a leader. What does he really want? Does he want to give more? Or does he want to be great? Does he want the glory? Or does he want to sacrifice more? I have to be honest sacrifice is hard. Why would I want to do more of it? It is more spiritual to give, but it doesn't come easy. I think this is why the best kings are reluctant. Because he knows what it'll take and he does it anyway.

Hope this helps. I also want to post because Tera and I had posted the same amount of times on the blog and now the tie is broken!


Tera Chau said...

hmmm great thoughts Justin... you're right, it does take more sacrifice (self denial, self control, giving more, etc.) to lead people (in a country, church, family, relationship, etc.).

and, are you sure bout the score??? I thought the score was... Justin-7, Tera-532? hehe

Lisa Nguyen said...

I'm posting just so I can have another one under my belt too.

Lisa- 10
Tera- 532
Justin- 7