Thursday, July 23, 2009

idols & gods

Idols of old days were pretty obvious; wooden or metal figures on alters or in shrines. To make the modern day parallel in our own life can be daunting. As our minds have advanced, so have our idols.

What are modern day idols? Your own as well as ones you notice in others...

There are idols we trust in, but there are also idols we simply love above God and others.
What do you think about vanity & pride... the love of thyself?

Can we see our own idols? Do we even want to admit that we have them?

I look forward to your input. Thank you.


Tera Chau said...

hmmm good questions hananiah...

1) pleasure, material things, money, friends, dating/marriage, reputation, self

2) vanity, pride, and selfishness can totally be idols

3) I think I see some of my idols, but not all of them :(

Thank goodness for Jesus who makes the forgiveness for and freedom from idolatry possible!

hananiah said...

Thanks for the response Tera! You are always an encouragement... especially with your phunnie but caring phone call yday. I appreciate your trust and humility.

What do you think of my feeble thoughts? I think friends and reputation can be idols but only when friendships supersede God and lack love, and when reputations merge with vanity, pride and selfishness. Friends are super important in life and faith, as love is supreme. Reputation is important as we are to be presented as blameless before God. A noble woman is to be praised!

I hope to minimize the threat of idols in my life. Please feel free to critique me as you see fit. Please continue to inspire, help and love as you so successfully do.

I agree com-plet-ly with your Jesus comment!