Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I like the Psalms that are placed towards the end of the OT. I think they fit the time of the people coming back from the exile. There's a sobriety of coming back from the exile. They've been out there and been away from God, but are back now for real. For me too reading them today, they felt right. God is there to save us and his love endures forever. Even when we keep messing up he's there to save us.
I know this was a little while ago, so you can see I'm behind in the reading. I think maybe some of the slowdown on the blog is because we are all at different places in the reading. I hope we can catch up to on pace so that we can all be reading this together. I'm 19 days back now, but when I can I'm reading 2 days at a time to catch up. There's not much time left for this year!
Great posts the last few days too!


Teena Phamster said...

Thanks for sharing ur heart and honesty about where you are at in ur reading. It was a good observation that u made regarding why people don't blog as much. We are all at a diff pace and feel the need to catch up. I still appreciate what u shared about the Psalms and the timing...I agree.

Have a great day!

Danger Ashley said...

You can do it! You may just want to focus on reading the Bible parts and just skim through the commentary.