Sunday, October 25, 2009

some thoughts and Bob's message

Some thoughts I had from yesterday and today's reading...

1) Mk 1:23-28, Lk 4:33-37
Jesus healed a man who was possessed by an evil spirit. "The evil spirit shook the man violently and came out of him with a shriek. The people were amazed..."

I wonder what the people saw? Did they only see the man violently shaking? Did they see any detail of the spirit at all? Or was it like the horror movies we watch and there was a gust of wind but the spirit was otherwise not visible to human eyes? Such is the case now (generally), we don't see the evil spirits amongst us (though there have been stories of "encounters"... and if we did see them, undoubtedly we would all run to God out of fear rite?) hmm?

2) Mt 8:1-4, Mk 1:40-45, Lk 5:12-16
A paralytic was lowered through the roof above Jesus, and Jesus said to the paralytic "Son, your sins are forgiven." When the teachers of the law snickered, Jesus asked "Which is easier: to say... 'your sins are forgiven' or 'get up and take your mat and walk'"?

Forgive means to grant pardon; cancel indebtedness or liability. It's interesting that here, Jesus forgave the paralytic for his sins, knowing that He will pay the price for those sins within a year or so on the cross. Also, when God forgives us, He doesn't simply forgive that sin, He forgives the whole of us. Forgiveness cannot be parceled out piecemeal. It cannot be applied to one single behavior or incident in one's life without also being applied to the whole life. Real forgiveness, like real love, encompasses the entire person.

3) "A bruised reed He will not break, and a smoldering wick He will not snuff out."

I love that.

4) Mk 3:13-19, Lk 6:12-16
No need for us to wonder who were the 12 apostles, they are listed here :)

Last, Bob delivered an amazing message on Heaven and Hell today. I wanted to share it in case you have time to listen to it or look at the notes (copy and paste the URL below to a [new] browser)...

Have a great week everyone,

:) Tera


Danger Ashley said...

Cool post! I like that Jesus prayed the night before choosing his disciples. I like that he still chose, and loved Judas, even though he knew he would betray him.

Teena Phamster said...

Great thoughts Tera. Loved how Jesus forgave/pardoned sins...before the cross. It is a great reminder of his unfailing love. He knew he would suffer so that we may live! Am on cloud 9 w/ Jesus! :-) We are so wonderfully blessed to have such a great friend, Lord n savior!