Thursday, December 31, 2009

Revelation 1 - 3

I read through these first in Chronological Bible, then in my Archeological Study Bible that has words of Jesus in red. I underlined some scriptures and made some notes:

Revelation 1

Lots of 7's
7 stands for completeness
7 churches, 7 spirits
7 golden lampstands, which are the 7 churches
7 stars, which are the 7 angels of the 7 churches

Revelation 2

Church in Ephesus:
Had forsaken it's first love, need to repent & overcome.
Will then receive right to eat from tree of life in paradise.

Church in Smyrna:
Be faithful even to the point of death, will get the crown of life.

Church in Pergamum;
Have remained true and faithful, but some need to repent.
Those that overcome will receive hidden manna.

Church in Thyatira:
Those who do Jesus' will to the end will be given authority over the nations.

Revelation 3

Church in Sardis:
Remember what you have received and heard, obey it, and repent.
Those who overcome will never be blotted out from the book of life.
Jesus will acknowledge their names before God and his angels.

Church in Philadelphia:
Jesus has placed before them an open door that no one can shut.
Even though they have little strength, they have kept Jesus word and have not denied his name.
Those who overcome will be made pillars in temple of God.

Church in Laodicea:
Those whom Jesus loves he rebukes and disciplines. So be earnest and repent.
To those who overcome, Jesus will give the right to sit with him on his throne.

Lots of overcoming and repenting mentioned in these chapters.
Need to persevere and turn from sin & change.


Justin Seibel said...

Interesting. Thanks for the breakdown on the churches.

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