Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Elders see God's Glory???????

I was encouraged to read about the promises and blessings God give his people (although we know they don't live up to their end of the bargain) But the one thing that kind of threw me off was the part about the elders seeing God's glory Exodus 24:9-11.
  • It said that the elders went up to see God, was that on Mount Sinai?
  • "under his feet was pavement made of sapphire" Does that mean God walked up to them?
  • "God didn't raise His hand against them" For what sin would God raise his hand against the elders?
  • "they saw God, and they ate and drank" back in Exodus 20:18-20 it says that the people were afraid of God. Now they are able to see him and eat and drink with him, what changed?

I found a commentary and this is what it says, I still have questions, maybe we can discuss

"The elders saw the God of Israel; they had some glimpse of his glory, though whatever they saw, it was something of which no image or picture could be made, yet enough to satisfy them that God was with them of a truth. Nothing is described but what was under his feet. The sapphires are the pavement under his feet; let us put all the wealth of this world under our feet, and not in our hearts. Thus the believer sees in the face of Jesus Christ, far clearer discoveries of the glorious justice and holiness of God, than ever he saw under terrifying convictions; and through the Saviour, holds communion with a holy God".

Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary on Exodus Exodus 24:9-11


Priscilla Marie said...

Cool insight Mitch. I read through Exodus before starting the Chrono but now reading through it for the second time, other ideas and new things are just coming to me. As for the elders, I think that God wanted more witnesses to his glory and his miraculous signs besides Moses and Aaron. Those elders were chosen by him perhaps, I'm not sure but only Moses was allowed to go to the top of the mountain to see God. So the elders were actually watching from afar.

Sorry I couldn't answer all the questions. And I'm somewhat sure that the elders went up mount Sinai.

Oh! and Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary on Exodus 24: 9-11, it says something about seeing the face of Jesus Christ. Is it a while till God sends his son on earth? It seems too early for the people at that time to see the face of Jesus Christ. Don't you think?

Justin said...

Good thoughts Mitch. With the whole sapphire pavement thing, I'm not sure what was going on. Maybe it it was like the sky floor of heaven? I don't know. Even the reading today had some weird stuff. There are some strange things going on in Exodus that don't seem to be explained. Like Moses reasoning with God to not kill everyone.

With the elders, to be in the presence of God is a HUGE thing. If any of us were to be there, we'd be too unrighteous to stand. It'd be like a criminal coming to hang out with the President. If you just showed up at the White House there'd be men taking hold of you and removing you from the premises.
It says: "they saw God, and they ate and drank." Later Moses is not allowed to see God but only his back. "my face must not be seen." But then it says, "The Lord would speak to Moses face to face, as a man speaks to his friend."