Thursday, January 29, 2009

God's blueprints and designs: hmm, fascinating.

It is truly amazing how descriptive God was on how he wanted the Israelites to build the tabernacle and how to make the Priest robes for Aaron and his sons. How did the people find material to do all this? I don't know but I think that God created all of these items: gold, silver, bronze, materials in the colors of blue, purple, gold, etc. The measurements. You can actually picture the tabernacle in your own mind reading in Exodus 25-28. I can't wrap my mind around how the Israelites had the ability to build and make curtains or distinguish colors. It doesn't say who God actually chose to do all of this. It just says, "the skilled workers" but who were they? Men? Women? Perhaps both genders. What to you all think?


Lisa Nguyen said...

Thanks for sharing PT!!

I just love how God is SOO detailed. He didn't just want curtains made; he wanted them made a specific way. God wanted some curtains to be made of linen, while others made of goat hair. He wanted some to be 28 cubits long by 4 cubits wide; while others were 20 cubits long by 4 cubits wide. He wanted specific colored yarn: blue, purple, scarlet....50 loops of blue material here, 50 gold clasps there... God even wanted the curtains folded a certain way: "fold the 6th curtain dbl at the front of the tent." He didn't just say: here's the material, make some curtains, choose these colors. Instead, he gave specific details & directions. Gosh, imagine the time he took into making us!!

Justin said...

Yes the details are pretty cool. I guess that means he's that involved the our lives, certainly for the bigger bigger things.

I think we read this the day after you posted, but check out Exodus 31:1-11. ..."i have filled him with the Spirit of God, with skill, ability and knowledge of all crafts..." This is the first time a person is given God's spirit. Pretty cool. You'd think it be to do something bigger more spiritual right?

I could see the guys making the jewelry and the frames and the women making the cloth.

Also, remember the Egyptians gave the Israelites a bunch of stuff before they left. That's where they got their materials.

Tera Chau said...

Thanks for pointing this out PT! Yours and Lisa's comments really helped me appreciate the reading more... I have the hardest time with details about numbers and stuff (not a visual person at all hehe).

Priscilla Marie said...

I'm more of a visual person myself.