Monday, January 5, 2009

From yesterday's reading, I thought TERAH was a great name! hehe

From today's reading, I thought it was kinda stinky that Abram (Abraham) was willing to witness Sarai (Sarah) being taken as Pharaoh's wife. I'm glad he redeemed himself through his other actions, and ultimately his faith in and obedience to God.


Gina Vescovi said...

I love reading about Abram aka Abraham =) and how his life was FULL of faith. He had faith to leave his home (where he most likely had comfort and security) to go to a new land (where there was uncertainty). He trusted God's promise to build a great nation from his family. Let us not let comfort and security make us miss out on God's plan for us.

Justin said...

Tera thank you so much for being the father of Abram.

Tera Chau said...

haha welcome :)