Tuesday, January 6, 2009

God's Covenant

Hi All! I'm so glad to be part of this with my family!!! Thanks again Tera, for having such a heart of unity and wanting to see us all built up (Eph 4)! So, I have the privilege of doing the study with a really cool study bible that describes a lot of the historic information that follows side by side with the scriptures. This morning I read about God's covenant with Abram which has ALWAYS been one of my favorite passages of scripture.

The most powerful thing that hit me this morning was the fact that historically in this type of covenant the lesser party is the one that usually has all of the promises to make and things to live up to - but in God's covenant with Abram (and subsequently with ME!!!) HE is the one making all of the promises and the response is simply to love and be faithful. I feel SOOOO humbled and honored by that, and so incredibly undeserving that the God of heaven in deep humility, would treat his side of the covenant relationship as the lesser.


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