Saturday, January 24, 2009

Gosh Pharoah was a brat! Sheesh :) Ya know how God had Moses ask Pharoah to let the Isrealites go to the desert to worship God, well isn't that sorta misleading cuz Pharoah seemed to think they would come back to Egypt? Why didn't God have Moses directly ask that Pharoah let His people go back to their land?


rebecca leveque said...

seriouslyyyy! But it's crazy to think that we act like Pharoah sometimes tooo when we say we are going to repent or do something but then we never change. I know I've done that before. And good question, that is kind of deceiving...but I don't know the answer to that one. haha sorry :/

Priscilla Marie said...

It wasn't so much that the Pharoah was a brat. (Though I would agree). If you girls can recall when God kept promising Moses that He was going to harden the Pharoah's heart because God wanted the Pharoah to eventually see God's glory. I kept highlighting those areas where God tells Moses that he is going to harden the Pharoah's heart and he constantly reminds Moses of this before he performs or casts the plagues to the Egyptians and also because the Egyptians were worshiping other gods and magicians. I hope that helps. =)