Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Older serving the younger...

(Sorry if this has been previously discussed, I've only read through the last 8 or so posts recently). There seems to be such a repeated theme with the scriptures and the older brother serving the younger. We saw Abel's sacrifice preferred over Cain's, Ishmael becoming less because of Isaac being the son of promise, Jacob ruling over Esau, Joseph ruling over all his brothers - and then even in today's reading - Jacob gives Ephraim the blessing of the firstborn although Mannasseh is the elder.

With all of the important factors tied to birthrights and family, it seems that God over and over again is making a point. My thought would be that it enforces humility in the elder, and as the younger learns his own inadequacies - hopefully humility in him as well. What are your thoughts?

Personally, I'm liking being the younger sibling in my family right now... ;-) Although I'm older than most of you - so I guess if the analogy fits, I should be serving all of you, right? Amen to that. Hmmm... I'm thinking "out loud" right now - but it makes a lot of sense and is definitely scripturally supported: "... the last will be first...", "he who is the least will become the greatest..." and on and on.


Justin said...

Yeah that's pretty interesting. I didn't remember that part about Jacob blessing Joseph's sons. Earlier this year I was wondering why God chose Solomon over some of David's sons. I still don't know why. Maybe we'll talk about that when we get there. Maybe it has something to do with allowing the family to last longer.

Tera Chau said...

hmmm interesting thoughts Lisa, even with Moses and Aaron, Moses is younger and is the one chosen by God to lead. And I think Inga was right regarding the blessings being more like prophesies than a prayer gosh the blessings Jacob gave his sons were interesting!