Friday, January 2, 2009

It is funny how six pages of the bible can move us all. SIX! And we just started reading. Wow, I'm with all of you when I say, God is awesome. My favorite part of the little reading in the beginning was when the question was: What would life be without stars, rivers, oceans, and basically land?-well, that part is from my own insight. At the beginning, light is seperated from darkness and every single plant God created is set according to a different kind. Imagine if we just ate apples as a fruit or ate only carrots as a vegetable? And for the first time in a while, I am looking up words in the dictionary, which we all need once in a while for this chrono reading, I think. And I'm not a feminist but When I read about the consequences of the man and the woman in Genesis 3:14-15 & 17-19, it seems like the women suffers more burden than the men. I don't really understand that part if anyone can help me on that. Anywho, on to my second reading. As the Terminator says "I'll be back." Tomorrow that is. Take care and God bless.



Tera Chau said...

haha pt ur sooo cute!

hananiah said...

Concerning the consequences for women versus men: What exactly seems to be more burdensome for women? Is it the pain to bear, the desire or the being ruled over? Or is it all together? This is not a challenge, but a request for clarification.

By Adam's actions, the ground is cursed and man is to painfully toil for all his days. Daily responsibility and leadership is the expectation. The burden for man is constant and ever increasing. If a boy can become a true man, the burden upon him is quite lofty.

However, women suffer intensely in childbirthing, women long for companionship and even so women must humbly, patiently, gently, faithfully, lovingly and courageously support the opposite gender, regardless of the man's iniquities.

It appears that both suffer, one more dramatically during certain periods and the other mostly over time. Both need to be humble, patient, gentle, faithful, loving and courageous; one more in support and the other more in leadership.

However, it is true that men would not be able to willfully go through childbirthing. I do believe you are right.

Priscilla Marie said...

Ok. Thanks. Sorry to respond so late. I read that part over again and after reading your response, it all makes sense. Thank you Hananiah or I'm sorry if I didn't spell your name right.