Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jacob and Laban- Deceit

Abraham's deceit certainly ran down the line in his family. What a tangled web we weave when we attempt to deceive. All prompted by selfish ambition on both parties end. I'm guessing there was also a lot of self deceit going on as to the ends justifying the means. Deceit winds up blinding the deceiver as well as those they attempt to deceive. After awhile,the person doesn't really know who they are before God and the motives of the heart are polished up and paraded as noble to the self even though God and man sees that it is nothing of the sort.
I am always looking at the motives of my heart to make sure that i am not deceiving myself as to why I do or don't do things. It keeps me humble before God and tells him that I am aware that my sinful nature is there but that it is not what I want to follow. So asking God for the truth and loving it whether it is favorable to me or not is what I do in order to show God that my heart and mind want to obey Him. Even with all conscious effort to do this, things can slip past and my actions may not bring forth the intentions of my heart or mind. Imagine how much more could slip past us if we are not deliberately monitoring our motives and hearts desires? whether they are delighting in God or in selfish wants?

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Priscilla Marie said...

I totally relate to that sometimes. Before I became a disciple, I was always scared to take risks in certain things. When I failed once, I would quit and not try again. But now I see that God tries to test us in certain situations. We can either choose his way or stay in our comfort zones and be in the world. And there were times when I didn't care about monitoring my motvies and desires. Like I mentioned before, I was scared. Now I act in a selfless way as much as I can.