Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I find it interesting that during Leah and Rachel's marriage to Jacob, at least up until this point, both women have only one main focus: to bare children for Jacob as an attempt to "win" his love. However, I noticed that after Jacob finished his work for Laban & married Rachel, the story in my opinion, doesn't depict Jacob's attention being directed to Rachel any longer. Unlike both women, who clearly obsessed over him. If anything, I picture Jacob being more concerned about deceiving Laban to expand his flock than "securing" the love his wives had for him.

This just comes to show how God's curse for Adam & Eve obviously was being carried out.


Justin said...

Wow that's interesting about Jacob's direction and the desires of both women. I kind of feel for Rachel though because her sister has 6 children before she has one. Having 6 kids doesn't happen overnight either. Maybe that takes 10 years +/-. Rachel is favored by Jacob too. She was the one he was in love with to begin with and later the 2 children he has with her he gives special treatment.

Tera Chau said...

GREAT insights Lisa!