Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I just wanted to point out that names are important.  I know sometimes there are lists in the Bible that will name names that you'll never read again, but some are repeated.  Since we are in the beginning of the Bible some of the names of people will become nations and groups of people.  I wanted to say this today because we've just read about Jacob having his sons.  Each one of his sons will become one of the tribes of Israel.  So when it talks about the Danites or the Reubenites you'll know where they came from.  

My roommate Luis actually discovered that there are 2 Lamechs.  One is from Seth and other is from Cain.  One was the first to have 2 wives and the other is in the line of Noah.  

This is also something else to point out about the bible in general.  There are many people/characters in the bible.  A man may have many sons, but the bible will talk mostly about one or two.  For the most part the stories we'll be reading will be about the righteous sons.  But it doesn't mean that if someone isn't given attention in the scriptures they were righteous.  For example we just read several chapters about Abraham, but there was hardly anything about his brothers Haran and Nahor.  I think for the most part there is a line through the bible that follows God's people.  The righteous ones are connected.  I'm not sure I'm communicating this well, but I hope this makes sense.  

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Tera Chau said...

I think it's interesting that king David and Jesus ultimately belong to the line of Leah's son Judah instead of Rachel's son Joseph.