Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Jacob wrestled

Thank you for all who've posted on the blog so far.  There are some great insights and I appreciate people sharing what has stirred their hearts.  The female perspective has been great because not being one myself it helps me understand how you gals think.  

Who do you think Jacob wrestled with?  Was it God, Jesus, an angel, a robber?  

I know he "wrestled with God," but was it really God or something Godly?  Could God really be beaten by a man?  Jacob changed part of his character while wrestling.  He's a deceiver and crafty in the way he gets things, but while he is wrestling I think he works and earns the blessing.  I wonder why he fights so much too.  Was he tired of taking it from Laban?  Was it to protect his wives and children?  

I think when Jacob leaves Laban it's a major point in his life.  He's established himself with his wives and kids and he's crossing over the river not just to go to a new land, but really to start a new era of his life.  He's given a new name which is symbolic of a new beginning.  

I like reading about Jacob because, just to go back a few days, he asks God to be with him on his journey.  When I read about Jacob I feel like it's the story of a young man on a journey.  When he leaves his parents, he really has very little going on for him (no home, no job, no wife.)  He works for many years and God blesses him and he becomes wealthy.  He goes from being a mama's boy (he was Rebekah's favorite while Isaac liked Esau) to wrestling with God and the father of a nation.  

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