Thursday, February 19, 2009

10 Things I Love About God

Here are ten things I love about God just from reading day 16-18 of February. :D

1- I don't have to be afraid, The Lord himself will fight for me!

2- I am fortunate to have a God that is near me when I pray.

3- God does not tolerate idolatry...He is a consuming fire...he rids anything that comes in his path that separates me from him! Wow!

4- He blesses my life and constantly reminds me not to forget Him and to be thankful. To live life w/ much gratitude.

5- God is jealous for me. That's cool. He doesn't like competition. He fears being displaced by another and wants me all to himself.

6- I am considered a holy people. He chose me out of this world be his treasured possession. *** Sparkle Sparkle *** ^_^

7- He tests me to find what is in my heart and whether I will keep his command. He keeps me pure, sincere and in touch w/ my true heart.

8- He causes me to get to my low points to teach me that I shouldn't rely on worldly things but on His Word!

9- He humbles me so that in the end, it will go well w/ me. Keep the refining coming! It is for my own good. :)

10- Worshipping God is the best thing ever! It feels amazing! Don't be deceived by others...even those closest to you who secretly enticed you to follow other gods. Stand firm!

Gosh, I am so in love w/ God!!! He is waaaayyyy toooooo cooool. He is good to us.

<3 you guys,


Tera Chau said...

awww great list :)... my fav is #2

Inga Gerard said...

Absolutely Marvelous Darling. Billy Crystal Style. heehehe

Justin Seibel said...

Great list Tina. It seems like you got more excited about God as you wrote.