Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Judgement Belongs 2 God

Judging has always been a touchy subject...even as disciples. We are taught not to judge. We are told that we shouldn't judge because with the measure we use, it will be measured against us. It's true that we are not ones to say that somebody's heart is not right before God, we are all accountable before God. Jesus said that he didn't come to judge but to save....however it is the word that judges us. I believe w/ the word we can discern if one is living in the truth and disciple them. The word calls us to test the spirits of those among us to be sure they are walking in God's truth and light. We have the ability to speak in truth and love, iron sharpen iron, and admonish one another. What's very cool is that God gives us a distinction between two types of judgement: the one we make and the one God makes. In Deut 1:17-18, it is written, "Do not show partiality in judging; hear both small and great alike. Do not be afraid of any man, for judgement belongs to God." This passage talks about disputes among brothers and sisters. They have internal problems w/ each other and have been given a role to judge the situation. I love how it talks about listening and gathering input from all people who is able to give input, before you set a judgement on someone. We have the ability to judge those inside the church w/ what the bible clearly speaks of that is not godly. In the end, we shouldn't be afraid to come to an understanding of the truth and speak up for it...because ultimately God knows our hearts and the final judgement of eternity belongs to God. Amen!!!

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Tera Chau said...

Well written and explained T!

I thought it was cool to read that when someone has allegedly sinned, God wants us to investigate thoroughly rather than assume and jump to conclusions, prolly knowing that although He sees and knows everything, we don't (and it's hard to exercise compassion and mercy, or even true judgment when we don't).

"If a man or woman... is found doing evil... you must investigate it thoroughly. If it is true and it has been proved..." Deu 17:2-4