Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fearless Women!!

Man! After reading this today I'm kinda disturbed honestly!! Not because of anything other than the graphic nature of this passage! It says "She took a tent peg and hammer and drove the peg thru his TEMPLE INTO THE GROUND"!!! I mean, come on!! That's crazy right??

There's a lot of really interesting things going on in this scripture... First is that there is a Prophetess named Deborah leading Isreal right now... This is the first time we see a woman leading the Isrealites - and of course she had the Lord with her because she predicted that Barak would not be given the glory for killing the king of these people; a woman would...

We also see a level of deception that the scripture doesn't really go into or address. Jael was from a Kenite tribe who supposedly had "friendly relations" with the King of Hazor. So the king went there seeking refuge - but all he got was his head fixated to the ground.

But above these interesting things - the one thing that stood out to me was that even though God was displease with the people because they did evil in his sight - he still had mercy and forgave them when they cried out to Him. He delivered them in an incredible way, by destroying 900 chariots and using the wife of a supposedly friendly tribe to kill the king. And once again, isreal was relieved from the oppression...

I'm so glad God has that kind of grace on us ya know? What are your thoughts??



Priscilla Marie said...

It is amazing. I agree. But I wasn't expecting the woman to drive a peg through his temple.

And now, God still has grace on us when we sin.

Tera Chau said...

Great thoughts Dean!

I thought it was kinda funny that Deborah and Barak broke out in a duet haha

Justin Seibel said...

Thanks for sharing Dean. Thank God he still hears us when we've messed up.