Wednesday, March 18, 2009


If anyone didn't like what I posted, I apoligize. I guess I got too excited when I was reading the Chrono and gone off another direction.

Next time, I'll try to keep that to myself.


Inga Gerard said...

I don't think you went off in a wrong direction. This scripture of God using a woman to lead the nation is often overlooked as well as other instances of God uplifting women as examples of leadership by living out true faith in action because of their humility and heart toward God. We do not know why God chose to use Deborah at this time. It is not known if it is because there is no suitable man- that is speculation and one should be equally careful about speculation as they would voicing their excitement on things they are learning. We do know that woman has an equal inheritance in Christ and equal value and is also equally created by God and can be used in ways he sees fit. After the fall, however, man has ungodly rule over woman that he did not have before and women are not permitted to take on roles that they are capable of performing. Obviously God and Jesus viewed women differently and any of the forefathers did. Let's celebrate that God intends to use man and women to their fullest capacity in this spiritual battle and let us remember that God has used man and woman together to win the hardest battles.

Tera Chau said...

I COMPLETELY agree with Inga (well stated!) and I love your posts PT :)... continue getting excited over God's word, I'm VERY proud of you for being on top of the readings :). (And I removed the "finally" in your post title just to be safe.)

Lisa Nguyen said...

No PT, I thought your post was great. I'm actually very encouraged and proud of you for posting and sharing your thoughts! Good job babe. =)

Justin Seibel said...

PT I don't want to take away from any strength you saw in Deborah that inspires you. Please keep posting your thoughts too.

It is throughout the bible that men should lead. See the scriptures Tera posted as well as Ephesians 5:22-33. In fact this instance with Deborah is a rare exception. If God wanted something else there would be more examples of it.

Just because a man leads does not make him better than a woman. Leading and spirituality or greatness don't necessarily go together. According to Ephesians, his leading is dying for the women like Jesus did, not in some oppressive manner. I know this taps into many fears, but leading is supposed to be exactly like Jesus. Would you be afraid of Jesus leading you?

The curse says that the husband will 'rule over you.' If one leading the other was not God's intention from the beginning, then the curse would include Jesus ruling over us. I don't think that is a curse.

This is the context when Deborah was judging:

"The Israelites once again did evil in the eyes of the Lord. So the Lord sold them into the hands of Jabin, a king of Canaan...he cruelly oppressed the Israelites for 20 years, and they cried to the Lord for help." -Judges 4:1-3

For 20 years the people were not doing well spiritually. So much that they were taken over by another king.

Even Deborah does not lead the army. She gets Barak to do it, and when he asks her to go with her, he does not get the glory for it. There was a small punishment for his hesitation and weakness. I think Deborah knew the people needed a man to lead and that's why she got Barak to take the army. Actually it's God that tells her to tell Barak to lead.

Finally to quote Deborah and Barak's song:

"When the princes in Israel take the lead,
when the people willingly offer themselves-
praise the Lord!"

Inga Gerard said...

Agreed. Thank you for explaining what you meant more thoughtfully and fully to be understood by others reading. Men are to Lead by God and Christ's example, which includes building up and encouraging women to grow in His Confidence and divine nature and to protect and secure our Love and Devotion to Christ in our hearts in mind by example. Women are also used by Christ to help support him and often our intuition and counsel is heeded by male leaders which God credits to their righteousness as when David listened to the wife of the foolish he originally intended to kill along with all the other men of the town, bringing sin against himself. The best male leaders recognize the wisdom that is unique to women regarding love and relationships and uses that to their advantage. They lift and hold the women up around them rather than worry and fight to keep them in place underneath their rule for fear of losing control. Godly leadership is servanthood even unto death and the greatest among us is to be the least in attitude of heart and mind. It is a greater responsibility for man to lead holding them in higher accountability for the lives of those women under their care. Women are the treasured possesion of God given to the man to care for and protect as he would and so participate in God's divine nature. Men's ability to care for things and objects with love and devotion ie cars and toys are the kind of natural ability that has always been designed for men to feel toward women before the fall messed everything up. Boy, I guess I have been thinking alot and am glad to have the energy to type. I applaud Justin's ability to show that Rule is not Leadership and I applaud all brothers who fight to protect us from satan's attacks and who delight in figuring out what God's boundaries and leadership is for us while discerning the difference of their own sinful boundaries that they might be tempted to place on people around them. Love Yall.

hananiah said...

Hey PT, your thoughts are appreciated. I do believe I understand the heart of your words. Your excitement from the Bible is commendable.

Few would argue that it's essentially a man's world. Consequently, women often times find themselves in the shadows of men and sometimes even at the mercy of men. Therefore, it's especially encouraging and inspiring to have women shine and to be outstanding.

Deborah and Joan of Arc were praiseworthy, brave and passionate, and at the right time they shone, where men are normally expected to; not out of spite, defiance or competition. The story of these women validate the amazing capabilities God gives and highlights the enduring spirit and soul.

Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised. -Proverbs 31:30

Praise the LORD. Blessed is the man who fears the LORD, who finds great delight in his commands. -Psalm 112:1

Men and women have unique strengths and challenges, yet many strengths and challenges are the same. I appreciate the similarities as well as the differences. I also appreciate the wonderful ways we all can bring honor and glory to God. May He be pleased with us, as we delight in Him.

Priscilla Marie said...

Thanks everyone! =) I really appreciate the support. Let's keep on reading and writing on here.

<3 Priscilla <3