Thursday, March 19, 2009

thought questions for the SISTERS :)

Even after seeing and speaking directly with the angel of the Lord, Gideon was still insecure about leading the Israelites and asked for not one, but THREE signs from God before he would take action. Now THAT'S audacious insecurity! (hmm oxymoron) Gideon reminded me of Moses. When God asked Moses to lead the Israelites, Moses responded with doubt (Exodus 3:11, 4:10), and so did Gideon (Judges 6:15). Both men felt inadequate for the job, and the fact was, they WERE inadequate! But God promised them the most powerful weapon they would ever wield, God Himself... "I will be with you." And that is true for us as well sisters :), God is with us, He has given us the Holy Spirit! He is with us through every hardship and heartbreak, every conquest and victory.

  • What are you insecure about that prevents you from doing what God would want you to do? Are you asking for a sign? And suppose He did give you a sign, do you still doubt and ask for another sign?

The Ephraim leaders were offended that Gideon did not call them to join the battle earlier because joining later meant that they were more like the "clean up crew" who did the less recognized job of cleaning up the already begun battle. Fortunately, Gideon was able to provide a diplomatic response that appeased the leaders' concerns. As sisters, we are called to play a less than recognized role in the church compared to our brothers; we are to be our brothers' helpers (Gen 2:18) and we are specifically instructed to not lead our brothers (1 Tim 2:12 and 1 Cor 14:34).

  • How are you doing in this area? Are you content with playing the supporting role in the church?


Inga Gerard said...

Leading and counseling are two different things or else we would not be able to teach our sons or help our friends. We can teach as wisdom is described as a female in God's word and Jesus often uses women as examples of people to learn from and imitate. The thing that get's confused is that we are not to teach with authority meaning that we cannot demand or command a man to do something with an "or else" attitude- ie Deborah could have used her role as leader to order the military guy to do what he was supposed to but she respected her role as a female leader and led by example of what God expected of her and told him the truth in love, leaving the ultimate decision up to Him, without having to Control him unrighteously, even though she was the Leader. Women can lead and do lead by example. We just don't have the same authority over our husbands as they would us if we were married. Married women are commanded to surrender to the will of their husbands ultimately, which is why God did not hold sarah accountable for Abraham making her lie for his sake to the 2 kings. She had to do it because she was his wife. This shows how important it is for us as single women to choose wisely whom we date and marry because God does give them an authority over us that they do not have when we are single. As single women, our Maker is our Husband Isa 54 and our devotion is undivided. When we marry, we yoke ourselves for better or worse to a man who is Charged by God to present Us to Him and Holy and blameless and so we must defer. That person's judgement better be aligned closely with God's if I am going to entrust myself to this person as a husband. As my brother, however, I don't have to defer to decisions that impact my life individually but if I am working with them or fellowshipping with them I do give them the honor God commands and let the person have respect and leadership in group setting or one on one settings, but I am able to do ultimately what I feel is best according to my conscience in Christ. Yes married women disagree with their husbands, but it is credited to them if they suffer for doing what is right by being a Godly example despite their husbands unrighteousness as Deb did and never takes ungodly control of the situation. Sometimes, girls, we just got to suck it up and take one for the team when we know a decision is being made that is not the best but is what the husband is determined to do. If he is Godly, he will listen to your reasoning and see if the Word agrees. If not....oh well. WE chose them. This is what I have learned from the Word and Married sisters who lead very successful and blessed marriages in the Kingdom. Girls, let God show you what a pearl and treasure and value your heart and mind is to him and never settle for someone who cannot or will not see, cherish and care for you the way God does. Learn how God loves you so you can recognize it when you see it in the brothers cuz God does want to use them to show us Fatherly, brotherly and Husbandly love through them in the Body. You all are THE MOST HIGHLY TREASURED CREATION OF ALL- THE FINAL AND LAST THING HE MADE BEFORE HE FINISHED AND SAID IT IS GOOD. WE ARE HIS CROWNING GLORY AND EMBODY HIS HEART FOR RELATIONSHIP AND NURTURING. SATAN IS ANGRY BECAUSE YOU BEAR THE POSITION IN GOD'S EYES THAT HE COVETS AND HE WANTS EVERYONE TO HATE YOU, WHICH IS WHY SINFUL MAN RULES AND MISTREATS YOU AND WHY YOUR SELF ESTEEM AND VALUE IS ATTACKED IN WAYS THAT IS NOT DONE TO MEN. Got that one from captivating and wild at heart.

Tera Chau said...

Great thoughts Inga! I loved Captivating, great book :)

Teena Phamster said...

Inga! That was powerfully and thoughtfully said! Wow...gotta chew on that one for some time!

Tera, thanks for posting this post and seeking our thoughts. Some of my insecurities lies in trusting in what I want or what is best for me. I keep heart is deceitful above all things...who can understand it. Of course, we know God I turn to him for strength and confidence.
As for signs, I don't really ask God to show me signs. I just pray..then give it up to God to answer it in his timing and his own way. Sometimes he says yes, sometimes he says no, sometimes he says wait...and other times you just trust and things start to unfold and make sense.
i once prayed for signs several years back, all the signs happened but the actual request did not. so, am not a big believer in signs...just seems a bit supersticious for me.

#2- this is an area i can continue to grow in without a doubt! i want to be a great support to my brothers. i want to encourage them and give inspiration to them. i do hope that i am leading by example and that they can feel confident in approaching me for input and counsel. i know i can be strong minded and sometimes too opinionated...but i only ask for patience as i am learning these things. it's amazing to be a woman...and the priviledges that comes w/ it. i am super glad that i am woman. :D