Friday, March 20, 2009

Gideon brings Israel peace, Abimelech, not so much

Gideon turns out to be a real man's man. We always here of the story about his faithlessness but today's reading really shows a different side to Gideon. And why is it that the one who should be king always ends up refusing kingship.

Abimelech on the hand is a piece of work. You have to be a real sick person to kill all seventy brothers on the same rock. I bet that rock was permanently stained red. It seems like the bible is getting more and more graphic, or I should say that the people are getting more and more violent. Abimelech life ends on a very comical note, almost like something you would see out of Monty Python's movie. Some lady drops a rock on his head and then he tells his armor bearer to kill him.

my 2 cents


Tera Chau said...

Your 2 cents made sense! hehe :)

Justin Seibel said...

Abimelech tried to seize leadership, but God didn't call him. I think he was shamed by the way he died. I think there's a proverb about violent men will be suddenly destroyed.

Do you think Abimelech was Gideon's fault? it said he had many wives and 70 kids!

Mitchel Thomas Gonzalez said...

with that many wifes and kids - one kid is bound to go wrong