Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hearing and Listening

It's so neat to read about how God calls out for us. Samuel was fortunate enough to have God calling his name and telling him all the great things that are to come. At first Samuel thought the voices were from Eli, but they weren't. Samuel kept hearing his name...but God didn't want us to just hear his calling...he wants us to truly listen. When we truly listen to God's voice, we can be sure he is speaking to us and through us.

"Listen, or your tongue will make you deaf." <-- funny but true!

Listening is an art. It can be mastered. When we listen with the intent to will go well for us. I need to listen more intently to what God wants rather than my own voice and other people's voices. If I really meditate on God's word and allow his spirit to work in my life, I think I would be alot more happy and spiritually focused.


Lisa Nguyen said...

Good point Phamster! =) Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

Furthermore, I love how Samuel not only listened to God and heard him calling, but also followed his instructions. He didn't question him, he just simply obeyed.

I definitely need to be more like that!

Tera Chau said...

Great thoughts T, I need to listen better too.

As for Samuel, boy the peeps in the OT were brave! (or perhaps just really used to the spiritual side of things) If I was Eli and little boy Samuel told me he was hearing a voice call his name, I would have totally freaked out! But that's just me hehe

Annnnd, gosh Samuel seemed to have heard God all the time throughout his life! Even when he was hanging out with other people! God's voice was prolly in Samuel's head and no one else could hear Him? hmmm interesting