Monday, March 30, 2009

Ruth Revisited

So I know this is a little late.  Wow the blog has taken off!  OC is posting all the time now.  

I just wanted to point out something about Ruth.  She was a Moabite, not an Israelite.  However, her character was so righteous that she is included in the Bible and in the line of Jesus.  She ends up being David's great-grandmother even!  The reason I wanted to point this out was because this is a theme throughout the bible.  The ones who do righteous acts are righteous, not the ones from the right people, group or race.  Jesus will mention it later when he talks about the stones crying out and when the Jews who don't believe in him claim they are sons of Abraham.  It's important for us today because its what makes us Christians and children of God.  We wouldn't be unless we were born Jewish otherwise.  We need to remember to continue to live righteously, and learning in our understanding of God because just because we belong to the right church doesn't make us righteous, its what we do that does.  

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Lisa Nguyen said...

AMEN to that!! Thanks for posting Justin. Good to hear from ya!