Monday, April 13, 2009

Chrono Mid-Year Camping Trip

Hello fellow Chrono’s, I’m trying to get an idea of how many people will be attending our Mid-Year camping trip. Our camp sites is San Onofre State Beach which is a very popular camp site in SoCal. I’m trying to book all the sites together for that weekend. So if I can get a head count ASAP because they are going quick.


San Onofre State Beach Camping

June 26-28th Friday night thru Sunday morning

$10 pp for the weekend (non refundable) food not included

1St car is free (only 2 cars per site)
2nd car is $10 per site (so let’s meet at the building and car pool)

What you’ll need:
Chrono Bible, Tent (or share), Sleeping back, beach chair, food and drinks

My contact info:
Ph# 949-351-1664
Or look for me at singles mid-week
Deadline to sign up is April 18th 2009


Teena Phamster said...

Mitch! This sounds wonderful! Please count me in!!! :D

p.s. Is it okay that I bring an inflatable bed? Don't want to kill the whole camping feeling but bumpy rocks are no fun! heehee.

I will see you Saturday at our Chrono breakfast and will have the mula then!


Lisa Nguyen said...

yeeeeeeah!! can't wait to sleep in the 5 people tent w the johnsons! ha.

Mitchel Thomas Gonzalez said...

Just to clarify, Lisa's comment was an inside joke from last nights bible talk. Didn't want anyone getting the wrong impression about our camping trip,,yah know

Tera Chau said...

it'll be the johnsons, the gonzalez's, and LISA in that tent haha :D

Lisa Nguyen said...

yaaay to big tents! ha!!

Mitchel Thomas Gonzalez said...

So here are the people that are attending our camping trip -6 brothers Don, Nick, Miguel, Dean, Craig & myself and 10 sisters Katie, Rebecca, Cayla, Tina Pham, Tina Wu, Lisa Battig, Priscilla, Tera, Jackie and Lisa Nguyen. Thats 16pp which is perfect because we got the last 2 sites. Please bring you $10 to mid-week. Love yah

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