Friday, April 10, 2009

Interesting reading today

It starts off with David getting tired in battle and having to be rescued by Abishai (we’ll come back to that) Then we read about a 12 toed and 12 fingered giant...OK? Next we read about Joab and Abishai, the up and coming warriors leading King David’s army and how they route the Ammonites and Arameans. Then it gets more interesting. David prays for restoration, not exactly sure what from. It’s not like they lost the battle.

Maybe he needs to be restored in his strength. Going back to the beginning it did say that he got tired in battle. Maybe David feels like he’s losing his spiritual edge. Maybe he feels like he had to rely on a man to save him in battle instead of the Lord. Maybe he feels like he’s not the MAN he used to be. Maybe that’s why he decides to stay home instead of going to battle because he’s insecure about his ability to fight. Maybe he commits adultery to make him feel more like a MAN.

I know that’s a lot of maybe’s but isn’t that how Satan works. He gets us thinking maybe your getting to old for this spiritual battle. Maybe you need to step aside and let the young up and coming Christian leader handle the needs of the church. Maybe instead of going out and sharing your faith you should just stay home and take a nap. Maybe you should have a drink or go on the internet or call that co-worker who’s been asking you out on a date for the past 6 months. This displeases the lord

Nathan story of the Rich Man and the Poor Man’s lamb is a classic one. David was so eager to judge; too bad he didn’t have that same eagerness to do what was right in the first place. But then we see David’s prayer for forgiveness. I think the phrase that changes God’s heart was “Against you, you only, have I sinned”. Sure what he did to Uriah was pretty missed up and I’m sure Bathsheba was somewhat forced to sleep with the king. But as much as those people were sinned against, ultimately it was God who was sinned against. God had given David all he need, yet David was not satisfied. I can totally relate, how about you?

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Tera Chau said...

Great thoughts Mitch

Today's reading is one of my least fav of the Bible, so heart breaking :(... I'm glad God is so merciful.

I wonder if Joab's involvement with David's sin contributed to Joab's corruption and disrespect towards David later on?

I wonder how David knew about the Holy Spirit (Psalm 51:11) if Jesus was not around yet?

I'm grateful for Jesus, I thought a lot about Him today.