Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spotlight: Michal (some thoughts for the SISTERS)

It’s interesting who the Bible shines the spotlight on; we know very little about David’s wife Ahinoam, but we know some things about Michal, David’s first wife. Michal had a lot of heartaches in her life…
  • Michal loved David. But soon after she married him, she had to help him escape her dad, and was thus separated from her love. Saul then forced her to leave her home and be a wife to another man, Paltiel (1 Sam 18, 19, and 25:44).
  • While coping with the fact that David did not come back for her during the years that he was hiding from Saul, Michal lived with Paltiel who appeared to have really cared about her. And perhaps right when she was getting used to her new husband, the news arrived that her dad and brother (Jonathan) had been killed in battle, and she was forced to leave her home (again) to go back to David (2 Sam 3).
  • Although David was back in her life, he has brought back two other wives (Abigail who was smart and beautiful, and Ahinoam who was prolly cool in some way, else why would David marry her hehe) and their children. Furthermore, he was the new king and had a lot of work to do (and most likely did not have a lot of time for Michal) (2 Sam 6).
So when she saw David dancing “before the Lord with all his might” (btw the chrono left this detail out, it is found in 2 Sam 6:14), she rebuked David! She was not appreciative and supportive of her husband’s worship of God but was an angry, negative, and disrespectful wife! And subsequently, she never had any children (for whatever reason).

Prov 27: 4 says, “Anger is cruel and fury overwhelming, but who can stand before jealousy?” Anger, fury, and worst of all, jealousy can prompt us to do CRAZY things (I've been there, YUCK). However, underneath feelings such as anger and jealousy are usually feelings such as hurt and insecurity. This was the case with Saul as well as Michal. Rather than allowing her hurt to heal over the years, Michal’s hurt had grown into a bitter root (Deut 29:18, Heb 12:15) and she expressed her hurt with sarcasm and anger.

She should have…
1) stepped back and asked herself whether she was really feeling any sadness or insecurity and
2) shared her hurt or insecurity with someone (perhaps Abigail or Ahinoam hehe) so that she could be healed (James 5:16a).

Then she could have been…
1) trustworthy, temperate (1 Tim 3:11) and
2) submissive to her husband (Eph 5:22-24),
3) and thus, be more powerful and effective for God (James 5:16b).

Love ya :)


Mitchel Thomas Gonzalez said...

Thanks for the insight Tera; Men can also learn from Michal choices. Anger and jealousy has been the cause of many man's wars. I totally agree about stepping back and looking at one's self and seeing God's perspective instead of feeling sad for one's situation, no matter how bad it is.
It's like studying the bible with someone and then they decide to stop, that can hurt. But if we step back and realize that God is in control then we won't be insecure or think that it was our fault that the person stop studying the bible

Teena Phamster said...

Great observation of Michal's heart. I would have overlooked it. Yes, jealousy is a slow suffocating sin. The bible says, "who can stand over it?"
Whether jealousy over possesion, recognition or is truly destructive and overwhelming!
Love the different ways u shared in how we can overcome it a be the people we need to be for God. :)

Priscilla Marie said...

I agree. David must of neglected her because she is Saul's daughter. Poor Michal and she didn't have children. Sadly, most men would not love their wives when they can't bear a son.