Thursday, April 2, 2009

Jonathan, David’s BFF

I didn’t want to miss mentioning something about Jonathan (one of my fav characters in the Bible). The first time I read about Jonathan, I thought it was a bit odd that he liked David so much when it seemed they hardly knew each other. But this is what I learned from reading The Making of the Man of God by Alan Redpath…

Jonathan was faithful and courageous (among other traits). For example, it was faithful and courageous of him to take on the Philistines with his armor bearer (1 Sam 14).

And he admired those who exhibited faith and courage...
When Goliath barked his challenge at the Israelites, everyone seemed to tremble in fear. Goliath paraded before them everyday for FORTY days, and no one responded to him; not the army men, not Saul, and not Jonathan (we are not assuming Jonathan’s inaction was out of fear, perhaps Saul told him not to fight Goliath).

Then David walks out (not even dressed in armor)… David defends God’s name and army, kills the arrogant giant with a rock, and cuts off the giant’s head! And Jonathan is watching the whole time… he was probably AMAZED by David’s faith and courage.

Indeed, on the very same day, Jonathan befriended David and “became one in spirit” with him (1 Sam 18:1).

And they were best friends forever :).

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