Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Reading psalms for today

As I was reading the psalms, I was confused about a few things David was praying about. We are not suppose to be praying for destruction to our enemies right? It is in God's will on how he will deal with them so why was David constantly praying for God to destroy them or put malice on them? I know he was struggling with people plotting against him but I didn't get that whole concept.

If people were against me, I would pray to God that they hopefully jump off a bridge or that they get sick. That seems aweful.


Priscilla Marie said...

Sorry, typo on the word, "Would". I meant to write "wouldn't".

Tera Chau said...

Hi PT, good observation. I think that it would make more sense if you view these Psalms as prayers and in them, David (and other authors) expressed not only his praise to God but also the struggles he was going through.

For example, when I was a baby Christian, there were many low points in my faith where my prayers uttered the words "God are you there?? Do you exist???" Sometimes, even "God I am sooooo mad at you!" And if you think about it, that must have been pretty discouraging for God to hear (not exactly nice to hear His daughter questioning His existence). But that was where I was at, at that point.

Likewise, David's words were not perfectly amiable; he was struggling while he was writing some of the Psalms and we can sense that. Fortunately, he always ended the prayers (Psalms) with a better heart... more faithful, hopeful, etc. that God will rescue, comfort, etc.

And that is what we should aim for when we pray; we definitely should bring to God everything that is on our hearts and minds (and why wouldn't we? He knows everything anyways), and not walk away from Him until we have reached some peace (peace that transcends understanding Phil 4:7; in Gen 32 Jacob wrestled with God until God blessed him).

Also, I am SUPER PROUD of you honey for keeping up with the reading, and not only having great questions, but sharing them on the blog.

Love you :)

Lisa Nguyen said...

PT - I agree with Tera, GREAT JOB babe! You have been keeping up on your reading and I'm super proud of you too! Good job for also going after the answers to the questions you have from the reading that's been on your heart.

Tera - Great response! Thanks for sharing your own struggles in your prayers with God.

Priscilla Marie said...

Thanks sisters!=)