Tuesday, May 12, 2009

King David and King Solomon.

King David and King Solomon.

We just finished read about King David and the Psalms and now will start reading about King Solomon and the Proverbs, Song of Songs, and Ecclesiastes.

King David is known as a warrior. King Solomon is known for his wisdom.

King David had to deal with Absaloms' rebellion. Solomon has to deal with Adonijah rebellion.

David prepared for the building of the Temple.

These two are the kings of the united kingdom of all 12 tribes of Israel.


Jax in the Blog said...

Thanks for the summary Craig. We're definitely blessed to have a knowledgeable brothers like you. You sure help us crammers!haha.

Jax in the Blog said...

oops, I meant "brother":)
I have to say, that was pretty crazy reading Solomon's reign beginning w/ the killings of those that rebelled against David and potentially could have jeopadize the security and peace of Solomon's reign. But having read my life application bible, now I see that those men didn't really support King David, but were rebellious and self-seeking of their own powers/ambitions. Their executions and punishments showed that these men (Adonijah, Joab, Abiathar and Shimei) rebelled against their King whom God have chosen, they ultimately were rebelling against God, Himself. So again, kuddos to Solomon's wisdom in listening to his father David to lead a secured, peaceful and "united kingdom".

Tera Chau said...

hmmm interesting, thanks for the summary Craig! Kinda sad that the united kingdom will only last for a short while and will be divided during the reigns of later kings :(