Sunday, August 16, 2009


Sorry I'm a little behind. Going back to Jeremiah. He was a prophet from God that was preaching against the kings, leadership, and other prophets. His message was from God, but the other prophets were just making things up that the people wanted to hear. We are supposed to support our leaders and submit to authority. Was Jeremiah not being supportive? Was he critical of leadership? What role does support play in a situation like what Israel and Judah were going through?

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Tera Chau said...

hmm good Qs justin, interesting how u chose the words "support" n "critical," both words have connotations to them...

1) I think Jeremiah did not support his leaders, but he was justified in doing so cuz the leaders were not obeying God, n furthermore God expressly asked him to go against his leaders.

2) Yes he was critical, but the criticism he conveyed was from God.

3) Not completely sure what this question is asking, I think we should always aim to support what God would support n oppose what God opposes.