Monday, August 17, 2009

Outline of Ezekiel 8 - 11

My outline of Ezekiel 8 - 11:

Ezekiel 8: Ezekiel has a vision of idol of jealousy.
He has a vision of elders of Israel, each at the shrine of their own idol.
He has a vision of 25 men worshipping the sun.

Ezekiel 9: Ezekiel has a vision of a man clothed in linen, who puts mark on foreheads of those who grieve and lament over detestable things.
Others followed behind the man in linen and slaughterd those without the mark.

Ezekiel 10: Ezekiel has vision of cherubim, wheels, and man in linen.
He has vision of the glory of the Lord departing from threshold of temple and stopping above cherubim, which had risen upward.

Ezekiel 11: The house of Israel will be driven out and handed over to foreigners.
The scattered people will come back to land of Israel and remove all its vile images and detestable idols.
They will be given undivided hearts, a new spirit, and their hearts of stone will be replaced with hearts of flesh.
Those who are devoted to vile images and detestable idols will be punished.

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Tera Chau said...

great ouline craig! the "mark" in ch9 reminds of references to the mark in Rev n also how disciples r given a deposit (the Holy Spirit) that indicates we belong to God.