Monday, October 12, 2009

October Chrono Bible Meeting

So yes we are still meeting and we are still reading the chronological Bible. A few of us were there and we had a short discussion about Job and the prophets. Keep going out there. One interesting note, I offered my Liz offer to the girls at this meeting. So if they finish on time I'll have to buy them lunch. I guess it pays to come to the meetings. Anyway I want to encourage everyone to keep going. I've got some catching up to do and with the NT coming up I'm going to go a little faster. I hope you all are enjoying this!



Teena Phamster said...

Thanks for spurring us on! You are an great encourager in motivating others to catch up and read God's word. Everybody needs a little nudge and a free lunch to get them going. Keep strong!

Tera Chau said...

Hi ny peeps, great to hear u had a cool mtg last wkend, we did toooo! :)

Thx Justin for offering to treat the sisters to lunch, ummm can the Cali sisters get treated to lunch as well??? hehe jk

Danger Ashley said...

Um, Lunch! :)