Monday, November 2, 2009


The new testament is so rich in faith-building stories! One of my favorite stories is the woman who has been subject to 12 yrs of bleeding. She had such great faith that when she touched Jesus cloak, he noticed...and stopped him in his tracks! Is my faith so great that it impresses Jesus?!? I definitely want to imitate her faith. A woman of no name yet received high recognition from Jesus because she believed w/ great faith. Love it!

It's also amazing how Jesus ask those he healed to not make mention of it, but out of the overflow of gratitude in their hearts...they couldn't help it. We should seek the same heart.

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Tera Chau said...

Yea I luv the woman's faith toooo! Gosh I def need to work on sharing the good that God's done in my life, I don't share often :(

Another great post Tina! Luv u :)