Saturday, November 14, 2009


Reading about Jesus last days on earth has been super intense! From the prophecies about the end and Jesus' second coming to his betrayal. Jesus overcomes it all. I can never complain about a bad day is insignificant to what Jesus went through.

What is encouraging though is God continues to promise us great things and victories if we trust in him! Especially the receiving of the holy spirit. How amazing is that? There will be a time the world will neither see him or know him, but he will live in us!!! WOW.
Love is not just a feeling but actions. Know God's command and OBEY it...then you have showed God you love him...and he will love us by showing himself to us. To the pure hearted...they will see God.

What are your thoughts when Jesus washed his disciples feet? It states that this was how he was going to show the extent of his love. Why this act? Is it because he was becoming less and showed true servitude and dept of humilty that we should have in response to loving others the same way?

When Jesus announced that one of his 12 will betray him n gave him the bread...he even denies it and says, "Surely not I, Rabbi?" Whoa, that's pretty crazy that Judas would even say such a lie and almost sounding condensending. It is convicting to see a man who walked with Jesus and saw all the great things he did on earth but yet lose sight of God the almighty and Lord of the earth. It states that Satan entered him. It's faithbuilding yet convicting that there will be those of us now who have lost hope and harden our hearts towards God. Many parables speak of such things and even the things that will happen in the last days. Parable of the Seeds & Weeds. The reality is, we are dark without God, hence all the more reason we should stay near to his word, meditate, pray and obey.

A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so that you must love one another. By this, all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another. John 13:35


Justin Seibel said...

Great stuff Tina! Thanks for continuing to post. I check the blog daily. Yeah that is pretty sad about Judas even lying when Jesus knows the truth. Who do you think you are fooling? I guess some people will not open up even if they see Jesus. Gotta say I'm a little behind. I'm gonna post some stuff here soon. A King and A Kingdom Part 2 coming soon.

Tera Chau said...

hmmm great thots T; I love reading the gospels, we have a direct view of Jesus and are provided his exact words... the most tangible access we have until we meet Him in heaven :)

Regarding the feet washing: I agree with all the sermons and books out there that assess this act; people of that time wore sandals and their feet would get intensely dirty (I know, I went for an hour walk today with flip flops and my feet were dirty, let alone walking through unpaved roads all day everywhere as they did during Jesus' time) plus they didn't have running water so showering daily was not a common practice, so dirty feet were VERY dirty... wealthier households back then usually had a slave by the door who would wash your feet (poorer households had buckets and towels by the door for you to wash your own feet, or none at all and people's feet remained DIRTY).

By washing the disciples feet (not just a pair of feet, but TWELVE pairs of feet), He took on one of the most humbling service... and the purpose was to not only show the disciples that He loved them and to encourage them to love one another, but He did so to teach them that they must serve God, each other, and the world.

Have funnnnnnn in NY! Cya when you get back, luv u :)

Teena Phamster said...

It is a pleasure to post especially when I can. I got behind and then caught and got behind and then had to catch no worries about being behind. You are still reading and that's what matters. I look forward to reading your insights on A King and A Kingdom part 2!

Tera, thanks for the detailed description of FEET! Phew-U! Lol. Yes, feet are gross...ESP men. Sorry guys-don't be offended.
Wow...Jesus is amazing, bold, humble and soooo loving!
He teaches us to act....and that is the best gift ever!

Teena Phamster said...

Btw, thx Tera 4 ur fun wishes for my trip to NY. I am soooo excited and can't hardly wait to be there tonight!!!! Whoohoo! :-D