Friday, December 4, 2009

Jesus has the authority

Only one more month to go! The finish line is in sight. Let's all meet there.

Ive really enjoyed reading about Jesus this time around. It's refreshing after the sad history and the prophets.

The gosepels are a different type of book than others in the bible. In the OT we have prophets who say what's going to happen and history that tells us some major events during a kings reign. There might be lessons in what happens but it's not taught to us by a priest who says do this or explains something in a certain way. The priests aren't recorded that much. I think that's what makes Jesus so amazing. He knew the Law and etc but also could give new teachings.

For the November 11th reading, I liked how Jesus handles the pressure of being questioned by the leaders. It says the chief priests, teachers of the law and the elders questioned him. Holy Cow that's a bunch of important guys. Imagine if all the leaders of your church questioned you. The thing is though Jesus had the authority. It'd be like you questioning your boss on what he was doing. Jesus asks them "johns baptism-was it from heaven or from men?" And he throws in a "tell me!" Exclamation point! Jesus doesn't buckle under the pressure and it's really Jesus who should be questioning them. He let's them have it in a few chapters too. He's a tough dude. Good stuff. I think I'd be a little more shaky under that kind of pressure but Jesus is inspiring.

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Tera Chau said...

I like what you wrote bro, "He knew the Law and etc but also could give new teachings" that is so true, I've always taken that for granted, it's crazy to wrap my mind around that... Jesus is the fulfillment of allllll the laws and prophesies, but He is the law, and He had the power to add more laws if He wanted to, wow AMAZING authority!

And I wonder what He was thinking as He looked upon the "the chief priests, teachers of the law and the elders" who were questioning Him... here is Jesus, God in the flesh who is sovereign over all and knows all, who made the laws and is the law and who also made these lil humans who were questioning Him, and yet He also knew they did not accept that He was the Christ, so He also knew that in their heads and hearts they THOUGHT they were better than Jesus, they thought they knew the law better, etc... crazy.

woooohoooooooooo ONE more month!!! Chrono def tested my perseverence this year in various ways, but it was a great experience and I will prolly miss it next year and the subsequent years :)

Anonymous said... /This keeps you and your family in the is so much fun...

Teena Phamster said...

Thx 4 sharing Justin. I really like this part of Jesus...his confidence. Lots of pressure from the higher ups but he remained calm, steadfast and forceful.
One of the qualities I admire about the church is that they teach the bible w/ great authority...because they know who they are B4 God and what they believed in is true & powerful. It wasn't lukewarm stuff but rather they believed what they preach. The word of God is powerful.

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