Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hello OC!  

Just to let you guys know, I'm going to have the NYC group join on here too, so that should be fun.

Noah was what I needed to read today.  It just reminded me of how we are saved.  Christians are like Noah and his family.  What a privilege!  God takes us with the good and the bad too.  Even Noah sins by getting drunk and having too much fun apparently.  We do live after The Fall, but God still loves us and uses us.  God knew what Noah would do and still chose him.  

Also I guess the fish didn't die, but everything else did.  Maybe they ate up some of the animals.  
The beginning of the Genesis just flies by.  so much happens in a few chapters.  I'd love to read a book about Adam and Eve and the effects of the Fall.  It's so tragic and profound.  Anyone know any?



Tera Chau said...

Thanks for coming up with the Chrono idea Justin, and we're excited to be fellowshipping with our NY branch of the family :)

rebecca leveque said...

hahaha i totally thought about the fish not dying too...

hi tera :) the reading is good so far! I'm glad I joined or I'm glad you signed me up haha