Friday, February 13, 2009

Quail Given for meat question

Why did God provide the quail....enough to feed for a month, but struck them w/ a severe plague before they had to even swallow the meat? Was it because they had been complaining and did not consecrate themselves before eating? Thanks.


Justin Seibel said...

They wanted something they didn't really need and were kind of rejecting God in a way. So he gave them what they wanted in sort of a spiteful way. Maybe spiteful isn't the best word. He gave it to them to let them see what a bad decision it was. When the ask for a king later, its the same thing. God says, "Go ahead and give them a king."

Something else to think about: they had herds of animals right? they were sacrificing them, so were they also eating that along with the manna? Maybe manna was like the carbs and veggies?

Tera Chau said...

Good question T, and oh yea I forgot that they had animals! Gosh couldn't they have eaten the animals as I assume they would have if they were in Egypt? Hmmm